What payment forms are accepted?
We take only PayPal.

Where do you ship decks?
Currently we can deliver decks only in the United States. In the near future we will be able to deliver them across Europe, in Russia, Asia, Canada, South America and Australia. If you want to buy a board now, just write us on skatespetrick@gmail.com we will calculate the cost of delivery, and send you a bill via email.

Is it possible to pickup decks in Philadelphia, PA?
Yes, you can get it by yourself without paying a shipping. For that please write us via email.

Do you sell complete skateboards?
No, we don’t t sell trucks, wheels and bearings. Our prices include only decks.

What kind of wood do you use?
Our decks are made from 100% Canadian hard rock maple.

What’s the size of decks?
They have the regular size: Width (in)8.5 Length (in)32.18.

Do you provide any discounts?
It depends on quantity of the decks. If you want to order more than 5 decks please write us on skatespetrick@gmail.com and we will tell your discount.

What kind of delivery do you provide?
Currently we use only USPS but we are working on other variants now.